Welcome to the Inseitz Group

Influencing with integrity is the guiding principle behind the Inseitz Group, a Northwest Arkansas consulting company.

Dr. Becky Paneitz has a passion for empowering women and transforming organizations to find high-level and authentic success.

Becky founded Inseitz Group in 2013. They provide clients and partner organizations with trustworthy, quality leadership and counsel.

The company’s most recent endeavor is the Women’s Empowerment Center, which launched in early 2016. The WEC brings together a network of women from all backgrounds to empower women with practical, character-based training and education.

The company’s ongoing work with non-profits and businesses of all sizes includes:

  • Influence and relationship building;
  • Developing and mentoring leaders; and
  • Bringing viable, innovative solutions to board and business leadership.

Want to get involved with the Women’s Empowerment Center? Or, does your organization need guidance in leadership development? Contact Becky today to learn more.

Upcoming Events

Empower Hour 1.5 Professional Development Luncheon – Make Things Happen with Sharon Deloach

Date:  Wednesday, October 11

Time:  11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Location:  CFN Auditorium, Center for Nonprofits @ St. Mary’s, 1200 West Walnut, Rogers, AR 72756

Cost:  $25 General / $15 Women’s PLE Alumni

Topic:  “Make Things Happen” which teaches pro-active habit development and personal discipline. It addresses taking personal responsibility for your attitudes and actions, eliminating any victim mentality, and making a difference.

Speaker:  Dr. Sharon Deloach is a Certified PLE Coach/Trainer.

In her presentation,Sharon Deloach will speak on “Make Things Happen” the first MAXIMIZERS™ Principle from Dr. Ron Jenson’s book Achieving Authentic Success®.