A passion for empowering women and transforming organizations to find high-level and authentic success has fueled Dr. Becky Paneitz’s career for more than the more than 40 years.


Becky now uses her decades of experience to mentor, motivate and lead individuals and organizations through her consulting firm, Inseitz Group LLC.


Her most recent endeavor is the Women’s Empowerment initiative, which launched in early 2016. She brings together a network of women from all backgrounds to empower women with practical, character-based training and education. The first program is in collaboration with the University of Arkansas Global Campus and is an 11-week program for rising women leaders.


Becky’s ongoing work with non-profits and businesses of all sizes includes:

~Building influence and relationships;

~Developing and mentoring leaders; and

~Bringing viable, innovative solutions to board and business leadership.


Contact Becky today to learn more about the Women’s Empowerment initiative or to discuss your consulting needs.