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Non-profits Helping Non-profits: Leading Important Change

We have an ambitious goal we want to share with you today.

Our heart is to serve more local non-profits with our Women’s Empowerment Center. We see the impact our Personal Leadership Effectiveness program can have on the lives and work of rising female leaders.

Leaders like Karen O’Donohoe, who said:

My Life is more balanced and fulfilling than ever before as a result of this program. If you had asked me about myself prior to this class I would have fumbled because my decisions and paths were usually dictated by the needs of others. If you ask me today who I am, I can tell you with confidence and strength – I am a women with purpose, a grateful heart, and more blessings than I can count.

Karen O’Donohoe, Flintco

Fall 2018 PLE Graduate

Over 80 women like Karen, have been impacted like this by our PLE program, and while we get excited to help ANY woman in ANY type of organization, lately we’ve been considering the extra impact that comes through the participation of a woman who works at a local non-profit organization.

Women working at non-profits are often leading important change in our society and culture. They are solving difficult problems and helping bring transformation in others.

“Essentially, we are a non-profit seeking to equip other non-profit leaders to build a stronger community.”

~Dr. Becky Paneitz, CEO/Founder, lnseitz Group

Imagine with us, the ripple effects this program could have across Northwest Arkansas, if more and more non-profit leaders join our program, grow in their leadership potential, and then pour back into our community.

But there is one major problem…These non-profits are often operating on small budgets and don’t have the resources they need to invest in leadership development for their staff, the same way a larger, for-profit company might.

Women in the non-profit world need to have these same opportunities  to grow their organizations, so we are working toward filling that need with PLE scholarships.

So, we’ve been dreaming  up a way  to  overcome  this problem  and scholarship a class of (12) non-profit leaders.

We’re setting a goal to raise $21,600, to fully fund scholarships for 12 non-profit leaders. Scholarships benefitting 12 women, will go on to impact countless others in our community for years to come.

We would greatly appreciate your help in raising awareness about the benefits of our PLE Program and would be grateful for any help in achieving our scholarship fundraising goals.

Here’s how you can help us, and reach more women like yourself in NWA:

Donate: I want to challenge PLE alumni and friends to give what you can to assist other women, whether that is $50, $500, or a full scholarship at $1,800.

Advocate: Have we had a significant  impact on your  life? Tell your  story! Tag us on social media:

Facebook: lnseitz Group Women’s Empowerment

lnstagram: https://www.instagram.com/igwomensempower/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/lGWomensEmpower


Thank you for your support,

Dr. Becky Paneitz, CEO/Founder of lnseitz Group

Leading a Purpose Driven Life

I have always been an overachiever – in high school, I made straight A’s, excelled as a clarinet player, played the lead in the junior and senior play, was the valedictorian of my class, the perfect child!

As life would have it, I was distracted by a young man who had moved to my hometown after I graduated from high school and I ended up getting married and putting myself through at a local college. But the internal drive for perfection continued and I graduated from college with a business degree three years later as an honor student.

But things changed after that. I ended up being divorced and raising two daughters as a single mom, often working two jobs and barely making ends meet. At some point during that period of time, I came to two conclusions – one was that I never wanted to depend on another person for my livelihood and two, for me, pursuing advanced higher education was my ticket to ensuring that I could support my family.

Little did I know, more than twenty years later, that the decision to continue my education and ultimately, obtain my Ph.D., meant much more than being financially stable. It gave me the opportunity to begin my career as an instructor at a community college and put me on the path that would lead to becoming a college president in 2003.

Thus began my search for achieving personal significance and having a purpose. As one of only three female college presidents in the state when I started in that position, I realized that the opportunity be a role model for women was huge.

In order to achieve that goal, I had to be authentic and transparent, sharing not only the successes I have had in life but also the mistakes that I have made. I had to tell my story as to how I had accomplished my goals, by overcoming those mistakes and hardships. By connecting on that level with both female and male students, I was able to demonstrate that hardships can be overcome when you are pursuing your goals and your passion.

Now, as the CEO and Founder of Inseitz Group, I continue to strive to uplift and empower women through our programs and through personal connections – always attempting to be vulnerable and forthcoming.

Leading a purpose driven life does not happen by accident. We must desire to make a difference while we here on this earth and we must discover the unique qualities that we possess and use them in a positive way.

I challenge you to live a life of purpose, meaning, joy, and personal significance! You will not regret it!

Author, Dr. Becky Paneitz, is the founder of Inseitz Group, a seasoned consultant, speaker, and coach – dedicated mentor, motivator, and business leader who collaborates, instructs and inspires for success.

Be a Difference Maker

Be a Difference Maker

Dr. Becky Paneitz, Founder Inseitz Group

The beginning of the new year is here and many of us have been making our New Year’s resolutions. It is a perfect time to reflect on the past and to commit to new habits, end the bad ones, and to have a better year than the last one.

Often, this process becomes an exercise in futility very quickly! We have good intentions, but “life” gets in the way. Each time we fail to keep a seemingly well thought out resolution, we experience a sense of low self esteem and perhaps even disgust with ourselves, because once again, we missed an opportunity to start the year out on the right foot!

So in 2019, let’s flip the practice of making resolutions we probably won’t keep, to instead adopting the proactive behavior of someone who makes things happen!

There are three essential steps in this process of becoming a difference maker:

Identify what you value in every aspect of your life – this requires self-reflection, self-discipline and accountability. What does success look like? Write it down and share it with your accountability partner.

Define and develop the habits necessary to achieve success and practice them daily. There is a difference between going through the motions of living life aimlessly and the intentional practice of specific habits you have defined that are essential for success.

Work hard. There are no shortcuts in the pursuit of living a meaningful and productive life that is aligned with your values.

Will we fail at times on this journey of making a difference? Of course we will – but it will surely be better than bringing back the resolutions that we have had for years in the hope that this time we will be successful – maybe even losing that extra twenty pounds we are carrying around!

Author, Dr. Becky Paneitz, is the founder of Inseitz Group, a seasoned consultant, speaker, and coach – dedicated mentor, motivator, and business leader who collaborates, instructs and inspires for success.