Be a Difference Maker

Be a Difference Maker

Dr. Becky Paneitz, Founder Inseitz Group

The beginning of the new year is here and many of us have been making our New Year’s resolutions. It is a perfect time to reflect on the past and to commit to new habits, end the bad ones, and to have a better year than the last one.

Often, this process becomes an exercise in futility very quickly! We have good intentions, but “life” gets in the way. Each time we fail to keep a seemingly well thought out resolution, we experience a sense of low self esteem and perhaps even disgust with ourselves, because once again, we missed an opportunity to start the year out on the right foot!

So in 2019, let’s flip the practice of making resolutions we probably won’t keep, to instead adopting the proactive behavior of someone who makes things happen!

There are three essential steps in this process of becoming a difference maker:

Identify what you value in every aspect of your life – this requires self-reflection, self-discipline and accountability. What does success look like? Write it down and share it with your accountability partner.

Define and develop the habits necessary to achieve success and practice them daily. There is a difference between going through the motions of living life aimlessly and the intentional practice of specific habits you have defined that are essential for success.

Work hard. There are no shortcuts in the pursuit of living a meaningful and productive life that is aligned with your values.

Will we fail at times on this journey of making a difference? Of course we will – but it will surely be better than bringing back the resolutions that we have had for years in the hope that this time we will be successful – maybe even losing that extra twenty pounds we are carrying around!

Author, Dr. Becky Paneitz, is the founder of Inseitz Group, a seasoned consultant, speaker, and coach – dedicated mentor, motivator, and business leader who collaborates, instructs and inspires for success.