Unequivocally, Becky is passionate about higher education, development of women leaders, and workforce development. I have had the pleasure and honor of knowing Becky, both personally and professionally, for over 12 years.


I worked six years for Becky as her executive assistant at NorthWest Arkansas Community College (NWACC), and I found her to be a very fair manager with high expectations. Becky is a natural at networking, mentoring and coaching, and enjoys doing all three!


Becky is a visionary and strong leader, and she excels at strategic planning and fundraising. Simply put, Becky inspires me with her high energy, strong ethics, and spiritual commitment!


Jean Anderson,
Friend and Former Employee





Thank you for presenting at the Association of Fundraising Professionals today. Your message was well-delivered AND inspirational.


I shared your quote with someone here in the library and he said he is going to use it in his paper (a JBU assignment): Today is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday.


It is a privilege to know you and call you a friend.


Thank you for all you do, what you have done for our community and what you are doing now.


Brenda Compton, Development Director
Bentonville Library Foundation





You did a great job speaking to our AFP chapter about balance. God continues to use your influence to bless others.


Thank you for spending your lunch hour with our group.


I am grateful for your friendship and guidance.


Mike Williams, Development Director