Testimonials from the Personal Leadership Effectiveness™ Program


“The “Seven Fs” have been a direct focus for me in 2017 and I am quite proud of my progress thus far.  Below I’ve hit the highlights for the areas I am most pleased with.  I was already pretty happy with where I was with Family and Finances but I plan to incorporate them more in my 2018 goals.

Faith – I set a goal to leverage my extroversion trait and join a life group at church.  I not only did this but also went on my very first mission trip to Costa Rica.  The fellowship I found with that group was tremendously fulfilling.  Therefore, it helped me with the Friendship category as well.

Firm – I set a goal to develop my dominance and patience traits by finding a mentor.  I found one!  As a result, I was actually able to accomplish one of my goals for year 2. The goal was/is to identify up and coming leadership on my team and develop a training/mentor relationship.  That goal has manifested over the last few months.  I’ve been able to host one on one training sessions to help my team have a better understanding of their roles and what direction they would like to pursue.   In addition to those training sessions, I have been blessed to have the opportunity to teach “banking basics” for several local ESL classes.  This was something I didn’t expect and has honestly been one of the most rewarding experiences.

Fitness – I set a loose goal for prioritize my personal health.  I was able to successfully maintain a training schedule and complete my first half marathon.  A surprise on this one is that it actually helped me identify what Fun means to me!

My personal mission that I developed during our class was to genuinely inspire and encourage people while providing support.  This can be applied both personally and professionally.  I do not believe I would have been as satisfied with my progress had I not been focused on that Mission this year.  I came away from our class with a much better sense of direction and self-awareness.  The good and the bad.  Our time together helped reinforce who and what I want to be and do.”

Jamie L. Vaughn, PLE Graduate
First Security Bank | Retail Operations Manager, AVP


“I have been given the privilege to attend this session. We just finished our second class and I am excited and empowered to make my future what I want it to be and to give myself permission to spend this time focusing on my self and my growth. This class is already teaching me how to be intentional with my time, aware of my actions and how to invest in myself as a leader in my own life professionally and personally. As well as learn how to grow others.”

Jennifer Krien, PLE Graduate


“For the past few months I’ve had the honor of participating in the Personal Leadership Effectiveness program through Inseitz Group. What an amazing experience! The leaders, the speakers, the mentors are all amazing women who have carved out their places in the NWA business world and have all been so encouraging and inspiring. The class is weekly and alternates between a seated class with speakers and an in-person meeting with your mentor.”

Sunny Skaggs, PLE Graduate
Sunny Skaggs Photography | Owner


“This course challenged me personally and professionally. I have felt a few paradigm shifts in my life which have been very positive.”

“This class has had a positive impact on my life that, I believe, will last a lifetime. It provides you the time to really be truthful to yourself and discover a lot within you that you typically are afraid to discover.”

“As a woman it is empowering and helped to learn about myself, which lead to a better leader and personal satisfaction.”

Testimonials from Scholarship Recipients

“Receiving the scholarship created an opportunity for me for accelerated growth, it allowed me to join the leadership program which instills principles for success and achievement that I can lean on at work and in life. It has also encouraged me to give back in all senses, to continue the hard work and to keep leading and moving forward.”

Benfry Fabara
Accountant, Walmart Global Business Services

Recipient of the first PLE scholarship given by Angela Grayson and Precipice, LLC


Testimonials from Scholarship Donors

“I’m thrilled at the chance to support a deserving female leader in a STEM-based field. In order to encourage more girls into STEM, we need more ‘Leading Ladies’ in STEM that these girls can look up to. I’m happy Precipice IP could play a small part in Benfry’s leadership journey.”

Angela Grayson
Principal and Founder of Precipice IP PLLC

Testimonials from other Programs and Events

“Unequivocally, Becky is passionate about higher education, development of women leaders, and workforce development. I have had the pleasure and honor of knowing Becky, both personally and professionally, for over 12 years.

I worked six years for Becky as her executive assistant at NorthWest Arkansas Community College (NWACC), and I found her to be a very fair manager with high expectations. Becky is a natural at networking, mentoring and coaching, and enjoys doing all three!

Becky is a visionary and strong leader, and she excels at strategic planning and fundraising. Simply put, Becky inspires me with her high energy, strong ethics, and spiritual commitment!”

Jean Anderson
Program Director, Inseitz Group


“Thank you for presenting at the Association of Fundraising Professionals today. Your message was well-delivered AND inspirational. I shared your quote with someone here in the library and he said he is going to use it in his paper (a JBU assignment): “Today is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday.” It is a privilege to know you and call you a friend. Thank you for all you do, what you have done for our community and what you are doing now.”

Brenda Compton, Development Director
Bentonville Library Foundation


“You did a great job speaking to our AFP chapter about balance. God continues to use your influence to bless others. Thank you for spending your lunch hour with our group. I am grateful for your friendship and guidance.”

Mike Williams, Development Director