What is Personal Leadership Effectiveness?

The Women’s Personal Leadership Effectiveness™ Program (PLE) is offered by the Inseitz Group to help aspiring female leaders enhance and build skills important to their professional and personal success.

The Women’s PLE Program is the only in-depth, uniquely women-focused, character-based, accredited professional development program in Northwest Arkansas. Speakers and mentors include high-ranking executives and officials from Northwest Arkansas. The program is accredited by Future Achievement International®.

Classes alternate between in-class meetings at the Center for Non Profits at St. Mary’s, 1200 West Walnut, Suite 1083, Rogers, AR  72756 and online independent study.

To be eligible to participate in the upcoming session, women must be employed for at least three years, have served in a mid-level supervisory position for at least one year or supervised a program or project, show an openness to feedback and a willingness to learn, and be willing to commit to the time and rigor of the program.

Becky Paneitz, who developed the program, is the president emeritus of NorthWest Arkansas Community College and founder of the Inseitz Group, which works to advance women’s initiatives.

“The curriculum and self-assessment tool provide the perfect foundation for the program,” Paneitz said. “Our program empowers women to make a real difference in all aspects of their lives.”

Women in the Personal Leadership Effectiveness program will:

  • Learn about character-based principles that impact personal and professional success.
  • Hear professional women speak about the impact these principles have had on their personal and professional lives. In-person class sessions will also serve as networking sessions for participants. 
  • Meet with assigned personal coaches to complete a personal and professional life plan.

Research conducted with Fortune 500 CEOs by the Stanford Research Institute International and the Carnegie Mellon Foundation found that 75 percent of long-term job success depends on soft skills and people skills, while only 25 percent depends on technical skills. Adult professional women of all ages – in all transitional stages in life – can benefit from the ethically based program, self-assessment, and inspiring personal mentoring by area women in leadership.

Criteria Participant criteria for the Rising Leaders program is as follows:
– Employed for at least 3 years
– Employed as a mid-level manager or supervisor of a program or department for at least one year
– Shows an openness to feedback and a willingness to learn
– Is willing to commit to the time and rigor of the 11-week program

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About Inseitz Group: Inseitz Group is a consulting firm led by Becky Paneitz, who uses her 40 years of experience to mentor, motivate and lead individuals and organizations. The group works with non-profit groups and businesses of all sizes.

About the Future Achievement International®: The cornerstone to Future Achievement International’s proprietary human capital solutions is 10 core character competencies known worldwide as the MAXIMIZERS™ principles, which are foundational to a leader or employees overall Personal Leadership Effectiveness™.

FAI created the character and behavior assessment tool known as the MERIT Profile, which assesses 10 character competencies (MAXIMIZERS) and four primary behavioral traits.  Organizations today realize that an individual’s character and behavior is the foundation to their Personal Leadership Effectiveness, which drives overall performance, productivity, team efficiency and bottom-line result.