Wine & Book Sign: Meet the Authors

A Book Signing and Discussion Event

All professionals are invited to attend this series of book signing and discussion presented by respected leaders in business in Northwest Arkansas. There will be a time for networking with other professionals and learning about the programs and events offered by the Inseitz Group and Women’s Empowerment Center while enjoying light refreshments and wine. Authors will give a personal introduction, share their journey of authorship, and lead in a time of discussion. Each author will have their book available for purchase and will personally sign your copy at the event.

2018 Dates

Tuesday, April 24, 2018 – Author Celia Swanson  Register Here

Wednesday, May 16, 2018 – Author Sharon Orlopp

Tuesday, June 12, 2018 – Author Carla Thompson

Tuesday, July 10, 2018 – Author Elise Mitchell

Location:  McAuley Hall, The Center for Nonprofits @ St. Mary’s, 1200 West Walnut, Rogers, AR 72756

Cost:  $25 General / $15 Women’s PLE Alumni

Time:  5-7:00 PM

Gracious and Strong: How to Rise Above the Unexpected Left Turns of Life and Leadership

From Celia Swanson, the first female executive vice president of Walmart Inc., Gracious and Strong: How to Rise Above the Unexpected Left Turns of Life and Leadership reveals what it means to rise above the most uncertain leadership challenges and make essential hard-right decisions. At this event,

Celia Swanson is a senior HR executive, Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Learning Officer with 35+ years of leadership experience in the retail industry. Named Woman of the Year at the 2016 NWA Women’s Conference, she was the Senior Vice President, Change Management at Wal-Mart Stores Inc. at the time she retired from the organization.  Per Celia, “I’m a mom, board member, speaker and leadership coach. I have worked in the retail industry for most of my career, which eventually led me to take on a glass-breaking role as the first female EVP at Walmart Stores, Inc. For years, I experienced numerous left turns in my life and career. From career shifts to becoming a parent, I faced many challenges I thought were truly insurmountable. Still, I managed to rise above overwhelming challenges, never having a path set by others before me of what it means to be a leader, mom and wife.”

Have you ever faced an unexpected left turn? Perhaps it’s an unexpected career shift, a personal or family illness, or a divorce or toxic people in your life. Whatever it is, we’ve all faced it. When challenges strike, often it’s our response to the event that determines our outcome. Learn how to make hard-right decisions that lead to life-changing opportunities. Celia’s Gracious and Strong will help you navigate the obstacles you’ll face, while becoming an authentic leader who helps others navigate their lives too.

This book will change how you see leadership and give you tools that you need to step out in your leadership role and pursue positive change within yourself, your family, and your team. Join Celia as she discusses her inspiration behind Gracious and Strong and don’t miss the opportunity to purchase this wonderful guide to making positive change!

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