WEI team

Dr. Paneitz has assembled a team of professional women from all backgrounds and levels of management to make the Women’s Empowerment initiative a success.

We have a growing team of women who are certified at various levels in the Personal Leadership Effectiveness program through Future Achievement International.

The Inseitz Group has formed a strategic alliance with Future Achievement International®. Since 1996 FAI’s leadership team has researched, tested and validated several character-based solutions that have been distributed in over 50 countries and in multiple languages. The curriculum is based on the MAXIMIZERS Principles, which are foundational to an individual’s personal and professional Personal Leadership Effectiveness.



We also have a select group of approximately 30 women who will serve on the Executive Advisory Council for the initiative. This council will meet twice a year to help guide the future of our programs.

Members will:


~Include women who have a commitment to the mission, vision, and values of the Women’s

Empowerment initiatives/programs

~Represent a variety of fields and corporations as well as nonprofit and educational institutions,

bringing diversity to the council

~Serve as advocates for women and are committed to advancing and promoting the Women’s

Empowerment initiatives/programs in their sphere of influence

~Share ideas on collaborations, resources, and participants, and make other advisory contributions to enhance the initiatives/programs

~Provide guidance for fundraising and allocation of program resources, including scholarships

~Facilitate peer groups, mentor individual program participants and/or speak at Women Empowerment programs/events

~Contribute intellectual capital by publicly sharing their stories, experiences and perspectives